Create VPC environment using Terraform on AWS

It’s a common practice to create a VPC to provide logically isolated section of the cloud and the freedom of creating IP address range, subnets, route tables and network gateways. It brings flexibility of access control and multiple layers of security. But it’s a non-trivial task to create the VPC environment using the AWS Web Interface, you have to click here and there, jumping from page to page, and it’s not replayable and portable, e.g. if you want to replicate one setup, or you want to have the same configuration in another AWS account, you gotta have to re-do it all over again.

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Setup Mesos to rotate containers' stdout/stderr logs

The problem I’m facing

As we all know, mesos will log the the stdout and stderr of any containers started as a task into the sandbox as plain text files, which is the work directory of the corresponding slave.

root ('--work_dir')
|-- slaves
| |-- latest (symlink)
| |-- <agent ID>
| |-- frameworks
| |-- <framework ID>
| |-- executors
| |-- <executor ID>
| |-- runs
| |-- latest (symlink)
| |-- <container ID> (Sandbox!)

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CPU and Memory Resources in Mesos Marathon with Docker

I’ve been using Marathon for some time, running different dockerized apps managed by marathon on Mesos. But I has always been very uncertain about one thing, which is:

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Change Open File Limit on MacOS

OSX has a very low limit on the maximum number of open files. It causes problem now and then if you’re doing development and use load testing tools. To address the problem you can change the open file limit by doing the following:

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Deploy Chronos using Marathon to achieve HA

Chronos is a a mesos framework, which considered a distributed version of cron. It’s a fault tolerant job scheduler that supports chained jobs (job dependent on another job/jobs), it supports ISO8601 based schedules.

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Getting Started with Mesos on AWS Linux AMI instances with Ansible

I’ve been trying to use Mesos for a while since I first heard of it from my friend. As a beginner of using it myself, I hope this article can help those who are new to mesos but interested to get started with it on AWS cloud. I will cover the following two topics in this article.

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